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Residential Remodeling. New EPA Law as of April 22nd, 2010

Chances are you have either seen, or will begin to see the media blitz by the EPA regarding the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rule.  This rule governs the work of professional remodelers in homes where there is lead-based paint.  You may be asking yourself; “what the heck are they talking about?”  I will try to explain it as easily as anyone can explain a government program.

What is this rule?

The rule addresses remodeling and renovation projects disturbing more than six square feet on the interior, and twenty square feet on the exterior.

How do I know if my house is affected by this rule?

All residential and multifamily structures built prior to 1978 that are inhabited or frequented by pregnant women and children under the age of six and it has been determined through testing that lead paint is present.

If my home is older than 1978, what do I need to do?

Beginning on April 22, 2010, ALL firms that disrupt wall surfaces will need to be certified. This includes, window companies, plumbing companies, painters, electricians, etc.  If it is determined that lead paint is present on the project, the removal process will need to be supervised by an on-site Certified Renovator.  The certified renovator is an employee of the firm that has completed and passed an EPA certified training course.  You should verify your contractor is certified and employs a Certified Renovator to be sure the work is completed properly.  The contractor should be able to provide the proper documentation to you easily.

What steps should my contractor be following?

Once work starts on a pre-1978 renovation, the contractor must do the following things. The firm should begin by providing you with the Renovate Right brochure (found here) and having you sign the pre-renovation form in the booklet. After that, warning signs will need to be posted outside the work area and measure put in place for containment to prevent spreading dust; the rule has specific containment practices for both interior & exterior projects. Once the work is completed, specific cleaning and waste disposal procedures must be followed.  All phases and processes MUST be supervised by a Certified Renovator.

I don’t want to pay “more” for a certified firm

Any firm found working without a certification will be faced with a $37,500 fine PER INCIDENT. Now, there is no fine against the homeowner, but do you think your contractor will be able to finish your project if he is having to pay the EPA $37,500+?  I’d imagine most residential contractors would be out of business.

Remember, April 22nd is approaching quickly.  T.A. Todd Construction is one of only a handful of certified lead based paint removal firms in the Austin Area.  As of April 1st, T.A. Todd Construction was the only certified firm in Georgetown.  Hire Wisely.

For the more on the new RRP requirements click here
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