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Design. Build. Room Addition.

This will be an on-going series of projects we have put a design too and then constructed.  It may be a one room (kitchen remodel)  project, or a whole house remodel.

There are many reasons why people build additions to their home.  Here at T.A. Todd Construction Inc, we hear all of them. “We need more storage.” “We want covered parking.” “We play music, but everyone else in the house is tired of hearing it.”

Something that is fairly popular in the austin area is adding a detached building.  It may act as a 2nd garage, a live-in unit, or even both.  Whatever the reason for the addition, there are a few considerations.  Do you have enough space(land) to do the addition, are you going to be within all of the city’s requirements (permits, setbacks, building regulations), and finally what does the addition need to.

I would like to highlight an addition that we completed in 2008 in Georgetown Texas.  This addition needed to be 4 things.

1) A room to play music.  This means we did some addition insulation and soundproofing
2) A 2 car carport. Adding a roof over the slab is a great way to add value without breaking the bank
3) Look like the house. This is a common request in remodeling.  “We want this to look like it was suppose to be here”
4) Be able to expand to a 1/1 for a future in-law. Adding future pluming and electrical, beefing up some of the framing, switch locations, and other items we all thought off before construction.

Do you have a remodeling project in Austin Texas or the surrounding areas?

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