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1930’s Bunglow Addition and Remodel


This residence was originally constructed in approx. 1930 in the “Bungalow” style, and has undergone several renovations.


This project consisted of adding enough space to the side and back of the house for a “guestroom” and small closet. We also expanded the master bedroom, completely remodeled the master bath, utility room, and the powder bath. We gave the front porch a “makeover” replacing the wood decking, adding rails and fresh paint.


We removed a portion of the existing back deck, moved and added walls, gutted the bathrooms, rewired to code, moved plumbing, insulated, installed the millwork, painted, installed tile, installed solid surface countertops, and installed new plumbing and lighting fixtures. We also added and finished new hardwood flooring.


Our primary challenge lay in converting the existing flat roof over a portion of the guest room to a roof that would drain properly when it rained. We resorted to re-framing over the flat roof and popping a portion of the guest room up above the existing roof for a kind of “tower” look which allowed us to increase the height of the ceiling in the “new” portion of the guest room to 12’. The flat portion of the roof that remained also presented us with a challenge because it was not insulated. Ultimately we were able to “blow” insulation through access holes we cut into the ceiling.


All in all approx. 150 sq. ft. of new space was added to the residence and approx. 600 sq. ft of existing space was remodeled at a cost of approx. $100 per sq. ft. A great value for the cost!


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